Creative Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Christmas mantel decorating ideas

Fall has barely set in most years when the Christmas decorations are hitting the stores. There are some people who plan for this holiday year around. They gather ideas and bits and pieces of seasonal paraphernalia to make their home or event extra special.

It is important in decorating to consider all areas of the home or room. Even the most unassuming places can make for a great decorative statement. Doors, corners, cabinets, bathrooms and other areas can be utilized to add a special touch. If a room has a fireplace, then the mantel can be a wonderful canvas.

Amazon ImageCreative Christmas mantel decorating ideas are as varied as the mantels themselves.

In doing an online search, various ideas will pop up from easy and inexpensive to elaborate and pricey.  Before choosing decorations, you will want to choose your theme or color palate. Not everything in the home needs to match perfectly, but having a theme or color palate can make a real statement and provide a unity to the holiday decor.

One consideration is if the mantel is around a functional fireplace. If so, then the decorations will need to be placed away from the heat source and far away from any flames or heat. Some of these types of decorations can be very flammable, or can even be damaged by smoke or ashes.

One poplar mantel decoration is to hang stockings from the mantel above the fireplace. If this is done, then there is still room for other decor surrounding the stockings. Possibly adding a row of garland with some sparkling lights in it, or some candles, would add an extra touch.

Amazon ImageThere are so many stylish stocking hangers available that can be used as part of the overall theme of the Christmas mantel decorating ideas.

If there is a large mirror over the mantel it can be transformed into a new decoration for the holiday.  Use it as a backdrop for bells or lights. Drape colorful material or garland around it. A simple wreath can be placed in the middle of the mirror, or several smaller ones with different lengths of ribbon. A large empty frame can also be used in a similar fashion, which creates an empty canvas.

Think of the mantel as the entire space above and below, from top to bottom. This will allow you to see the entire space so it can be decorated as a whole, and not broken up into two separate areas. Also, think of what will be surrounding the mantel. If a decorated tree is right by the mantel, it may be best to understate the mantel a bit.

Amazon ImageAnything from garland, to lights, a decorative fireplace screen, candles and candle holders, stockings, mirrors, and nativities can be used in Christmas mantel decorating ideas.

Be creative!

Your ideas can either be purchased at a craft store, or you can purchase the items and do it yourself. Cost may play a part in your decision. Both are perfectly acceptable as long as you are happy with the outcome.


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