10 Great Stocking Stuffers For Teenage Girls

Teenage Girl Stocking Stuffers

Finding the perfect stocking stuffers for teenage girls made easy!

10 great stocking stuffers for teenage girlsI have three teenage daughters and one boy. The three girls had one thing in common, a constant change. Two years ago, I decided to make a change and start figuring out what my girls want for Christmas.

The idea was simple to me; all I had to do was verify their interest. I did it with my boy every game we watched. I asked the middle child (my sweetest girl) what kinds of things she liked. I remember smiling, knowing just what I was going to get her, not listening to anything beyond that.

Everyday, for two weeks, I was ecstatic and kept promising her, “You’re gonna love this year’s presents.” I could tell she was happy too. One day, I even heard her talking to her friends about it. Christmas day came, and she was the first one looking in her Christmas stocking, pulling everything out. You should’ve seen the dread on face.

I wanted to get her the best stocking stuffers for teenage girls. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Note: asking Granny D what kind of music she liked as a teenager may not be the best idea.

Apparently, teenage girls don’t care for Elvis memorabilia with his wig as an assurance that she was going to be happy. I went all out; I even bought tickets to the impersonations concert in Las Vegas. Now, she never said anything bad, but her tears were not of happiness. She couldn’t look at me when she lied and said, “I love it.” Her lips quivered, and I could tell I ruined Christmas before dinner. We still went to the concert a few weeks later, and because she can never say she didn’t like anything, she wore the wig once the following year.

I knew, though, I had to make changes. I could no longer stand back and allow myself to cause my children to be so unhappy again. I decided to go online and research what teenage girls liked. I still asked my girls what they liked throughout the year and then followed through by seeing what average girls are interested in these days.

The last two years (and this year, I’m sure) have been wonderful. My daughters are wearing and using everything I get them.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Here areĀ 10 great stocking stuffers for teenage girls for you to use to make sure that you have the best Christmas stockings hanging on your mantel this year:


Still haven’t found that perfect gift?

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With a list like this, you can ensure that you’ll have the perfect stocking stuffers for teenage girls.

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10 Great Stocking Stuffers For Teenage Boys

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