Barbie Christmas Toy List

Barbie Christmas Toy List

Barbie has been around for as long as most people can remember. Over the years they have transformed in ways that many didn’t think imaginable.

They have Barbie dolls in every outfit, career, and environment. There are also brand new characters who have been introduced to the brand through books, movies, or simply as extra surprises to lovers of the brand.

Not to mention they have created so many Barbie accessories that your little girl could have a room fully dedicated to her dolls’ living space. Besides the obvious and still super popular, Barbie Dreamhouse, there are other living spaces and additions that can add even more variety to each character’s life style.

Barbie 2016 Holiday Doll

Just like every year there is a brand new Holiday Barbie Doll this year too. These wonderful dolls are desired by every little girl and even adults around the holiday season as they serve as great toys or collector items. If you want to collect the doll or know someone who does, then you will be very happy to know that it comes in a beautiful box in the shape of an elegant snow globe.

Now for those of you who have daughters or granddaughters that would love to have this special doll, she comes in a gorgeous holiday gown. The bust on top of the dress is white and in the design of layered snowflakes with glitter all over for a nice sparkle. There is a silver bracelet on her wrist which perfectly matches the bodice.

The top of the gown is also strapless which allows her blonde hair to fall over her shoulders down to the middle of her back. There is a thoughtful flip in the hairstyle in the front which makes it look like she is literally the princess of the ball. As the bottom of the dress comes out from the bodice, it varies from light to dark aqua in a gradient down to her feet.

Barbie Star Light Adventure Flying RC Hover Board Doll

This is the perfect gift for your daughter or anyone in your family who not only loves Barbie but is also a fan of the space movie “Barbie’s Star Light Adventure.” Watch the little Barbie fan in your life go on a galactic adventure with the use of a flying hover board.

The hover board is remote controlled and is a perfect way to reenact missions from the movie as well as come up with brand new adventures. The hover board is in the shape of a four leaf clover with a propeller in each section. This allows for stabilized flying so there isn’t a high risk of Barbie getting into an accident.

With a pink and blue remote control, your kiddo will be able to control the vehicle using a mixture of the buttons and the joystick. It has three flying stunts, a landing option, and a takeoff option. There is even a 360 degree spin action.

And of course standing in the middle of it all is Barbie. She is permanently attached to the center for safety reasons of course. No one wants to be concerned about her falling off of her hover board in midflight.

Barbie Swimmin’ Pup Pool Set

This Barbie play set is inspired by another one of her movies called “Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase.” One of the best things about this toy in particular is that not only does it come with a Barbie figure but it includes a pool and two dogs. Who could ask for more?

The pool is a clear blue with flowers imprinted throughout the plastic. It can and should be filled with water in order to get the most out of the toy so remember to put a towel down underneath before your daughter has too much fun teaching everyone how to swim. There is also an attached pink doggy diving board that is the perfect size for the included puppy.

Mommy dog has a pink swimming vest which has a spot on top for her puppy to ride her in the pool. With the wind of a tail and a push of a button, the dog will swim through the water around the pool. Barbie can also get in the water and girls will be delighted when they realize her swimsuit changes from purple to pink in warm water.

Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

Toddlers will absolutely adore this push pedal trike. It is Barbie themed from front to back with a hot pink body and light pink handle bars. It has a weight limit of 55 pounds and it the perfect size for 1 year – 3 years old. These small trikes are also easy storage so they won’t be in your way when not in use.

Just like a traditional tricycle, there are three wheels; one big in front and two small in the backs. All the wheels are a dark purple to help follow the theme. Barbie decals can be placed along the sides so your girl can ride along with her favorite friend by her side.

The white seat lifts up and serves as a storage area for any dolls, toys, or necessities that need to be taken on the daily road trip.

There is zero reason that Barbie lovers cannot also benefit from the wave of STEM toys that are sweeping the market. This Barbie STEM kit is perfect for anyone looking to get their kids interested in science based experiments and basic engineering projects.

There is a 32 page storybook with a manual that takes the time to explain the concepts behind all of the projects so that your daughter can understand the real world applications of everything she is doing with Nikki the scientist. Within the book are 7 building projects and 10 variety art and science experiments.

With over 120 building pieces that can be used over and over again, your daughter can create a number of things including a greenhouse, a closet rack that can actually spin, and perform experiments such as dying dresses which explores chromatography.

Get ready to also consider buying some matching lab wear since Nikki comes with lab goggles and a full length white lab coat. She also has a pink top with a blue science themed skirt.

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