Battery Operated Christmas Garland

Battery Operated Christmas Garland Battery operated Christmas garland makes it much easier to decorate your home for Christmas. You don’t have to worry about where your electrical outlets are located or how you are going to run an extension cord without it being noticeable.

I like to buy pre lit battery operated garland with a timer. Most of the ones that we have have timers but they come on at a set time and stay on for six hours. So if you hang your garland and turn the timer on at 6 pm, the lights will be on until midnight. That works fine for me. These new LED lights use so little electricity that my batteries usually last from after Thanksgiving until we take them down in early January.

I have looked at the pre lit garland with a remote control. I don’t see much use in these for myself. Looks like all they really do is dim the lights and change some functions. If you have more than a couple of these then having all of those remotes will get really confusing.

Battery powered garland makes it really easy to put garland around your outside door frame. All you need to do is purchase the length of garland that you need and then drape around your door. You can keep it in place with some small nails or staples.

Adjustable Garland Hanger
Single Door Adjustable Garland Hanger
✅ If you are like me and don’t like driving nails or staples into the framing around your doors then you will probably like these Adjustable Garland Hangers.

You can get them for single or double doors. They are tension mounted so are easy to install and take down. Made of metal with a powder coating so they should last for years. There are also a lot of good reviews.

I want to try them this year on a couple of interior doors that we hang garland on. Don’t see why they won’t work there also.

With battery powered Christmas garland you can easily add Christmas garland just about anywhere. It makes decorating your mantle, your doors, your windows and just about anywhere else as easy as getting the right length of garland and then putting it where you want it to go. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


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LED Christmas Battery Light String 6ft x 20 White Lights
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  • Ends:Aug 7, 2018 12:32:38 UTC


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