Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Fun Christmas Party IdeasIf you have ever planned a Christmas party, you know that they can be a lot of fun or they can be a dud. What you need are some fun Christmas party ideas to get everyone involved and in a party spirit.

So how do you go about getting everyone in a party mood? Well, start off with some tasty food, drinks and good music. Then let the fun begin.

Christmas Party Games

Almost everyone loves to play games. There are a lot of Christmas party games but to make it fun, you have to know who is attending your party and then tailor the games to the people that are coming. If you don’t know any games then Google “Christmas party games.” You will have plenty to choose from.

Pick two or three and then make sure that you have everything that is needed to play the games. There is nothing worse than to start playing only to discover that some critical part is missing.

Christmas Photo Booth

This has long been a favorite at family gatherings, office parties, and even church parties. All that you need is a camera, Christmas photo booth props, a chair and some kind of background.

Almost any camera will do. So most of the time someone uses a smart phone or a digital camera. That usually turns out okay but you have to have some way to display the photos if it is going to be any fun. So you have to bring a printer and photo paper along to print out the pictures.

Well this year I am going to do it a little differently. I am going to be using my new Polaroid Snap camera. Just snap, print and view the photos right on the spot. This is instant gratification since you see your pictures almost instantly. We will display the photos on a board for everyone to see and they can even take them home with them.

The Snap is a 10 magapixel camera that takes 2″ by 3″ prints in either color, black and white or vintage sepia tone. There is also a photo booth mode that takes 6 pictures in ten seconds. There are no ink cartridges to install or throw away. You will need Polaroid 2×3 inch Premium ZINK Photo Paper.

I believe that my photo booth will be the hit of this years Christmas party. Use these fun Christmas party ideas to make your get together the best one ever.








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