Fun Front Door Christmas Wreath Decorations

If you don’t have a tradition of picking out a Christmas wreath to display on your front door, this year is the perfect time to begin. Much like the practice of going out to pick out the perfect Christmas tree, you can make finding the right front door Christmas wreath decorations a family affair.

A Christmas wreath hanging on the door greets your guests with a bit of holiday cheer and just might bring a smile to their faces.

front door Christmas wreath decorations

There are hundreds of different wreaths you can choose from. There are large wreaths and miniature wreaths, wreaths made of plastic, ones made of real greenery, ones with huge fake fruits and birds…. the list could go on and on.

With all of the choices, you’re bound to select the wrong wreath, right?

Absolutely not. There are wreaths that are more suitable than others – for example, you don’t want to get a tiny six inch wreath for an eight foot front door – but other than selecting the right size, you can’t go wrong.

People have different ideas as to what should go in a Christmas wreath and some of them at first glance don’t appear as if they have anything to do with Christmas at all.

Live Christmas Wreath Ideas

If you’re looking for a fragrant bit of Christmas to hang on your front door, then you need to pick out a fresh wreath. If you think you’d have to go retail to find a fresh Christmas door wreath, you’re mistaken.

You can order fresh Christmas wreaths online just like you can a multitude of other Christmas related items. There are also wreath and tree companies who’ll send the wreaths to you at no cost shipping. With a fresh wreath, you get a nice fragrance in the air every time you open or close your front door.

How To Make A Fresh Christmas Wreath From Scratch – Watch The Video

But if live wreaths aren’t the kind you prefer, there are gorgeous artificial ones. You can get wreaths in the size you want and you can even get wreaths geared toward the theme you want. Are you having a Victorian Christmas? You can find a front door wreath to fit that decor.

Battery Operated Christmas Wreath With Lights

artificial pre lit Christmas wreath

If you’d like for your wreath to shine in the dark, you can pick out an artificial pre lit Christmas wreath. The desire to use lights is one plus in buying an artificial wreath – you won’t have to worry about the needles drying out like you do with a real wreath.

Discover more Artificial Christmas Wreaths Decorating Ideas here.

The two main points to keep in mind when shopping for a wreath are style and dimensions. You want the wreath to compliment your Christmas decorating style and you want it to fit the door you’re going to hang it on.

You don’t want a wreath so small it disappears in the vastness of the door and you don’t want one so big it gets caught every time you open or close the door. One tip to keep in mind is that if you find a Christmas wreath you love but you hate the color of the bow, you can always change the bow out yourself.

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