Kids Christmas Craft Ideas

Kids love crafts, and Christmas is the perfect time to put together fun and festive creative projects. Use some of these ideas this holiday season and not only will your kids be happy, but you might get some fun decorations and snacks out of it too.

Household Christmas Decorations

Kids Christmas Craft IdeasNot only are these household decoration projects a lot of fun – it will also be a major point of pride for your child or children to see their work proudly displayed in your home.

kids christmas crafts snowflakes
Wood Snowflake Christmas Ornaments with Photo Insert

Snowflakes: Using construction paper or even recycled magazines and newspaper, show your children how to fold and cut paper to make unique snowflakes. Remember to use safety scissors and/or keep a close eye on little fingers. Hang your children’s handiwork from the ceiling around the house, above the tree, or in their bedroom.

Ornaments: The possibilities for making homemade Christmas tree ornaments are endless. From clay to paper mache, to do-it-yourself kits from craft stores, making homemade ornaments is fun and easy. After their project has dried or set properly, help your children hang their ornaments from the tree or in another place of pride.

Figurines: Have your kids make figurines of their favorite holiday characters or made up ones to put on display around the house. They can use clay, paper mache, or even cardboard tubes and popsicle sticks to make their creations.

Edible Christmas Projects

The best part about these projects is that they can eat them afterward. They will especially love sharing their creations with other family members, friends, classmates, or maybe even Santa.

Cookie Decorating Fun
Cookie Decorating Fun

Decorating Cookies: This project could not be sweeter or more simple. Simply purchase or make some colorful frostings and provide an assortment of sprinkles. You could even let your children help bake the cookies before decorating them.

Build It Yourself Gingerbread House Decorating Kit
DIY Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread Houses: This fun project is especially great after reading the popular Christmas story about the Gingerbread Man. You can purchase kits to make gingerbread houses, or you can simply use graham crackers, frosting, and different candies and sprinkles to decorate their creations.

Edible Snowmen: This is a great project for younger children. All you need are some jumbo marshmallows, a couple of cookies, candies for decorations, and a little frosting as glue. Let the children create little snowmen out of the marshmallows and use the cookies and candies as decorations for clothing or hats.

Other Christmas Crafts

20 Christmas Cards to Color
20 Christmas Cards to Color

Decorate Stockings: Hanging your stockings from the mantle is a time-honored tradition. Your children will love seeing their own handiwork up on the mantle. Simply provide them with a blank stocking and some color and glitter glue pens.

Christmas Cards: When the holidays are rolling around, it is a good time to start sending out Christmas cards. Not only is it fun for kids to make their own holiday cards, your friends and family will love the cards they receive.

Christmas Iron On Patches
Christmas Iron On Patches

Iron-on Patches: How about a creation your kids can wear? Using iron-on patches, permanent markers, and even some more glitter glue, let them decorate their own holiday sweaters.

Keep your kids happy and get the most out of Christmas cheer with these crafty ideas. These ideas will provide hours of holiday fun for you and your kids.

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Christmas Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids

Christmas Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids


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