Razor Sit Down Electric Scooter

Razor Sit Down Electric Scooter

Some of the new electric scooters from Razor are seated versions of the very popular Razor E Prime electric scooter.

Razor Ride On Electric ScooterThe Razor Seated Electric Scooter comes in so many configurations that you are sure to find the perfect scooter no matter what age or weight class that you are looking for.

The Razor Sit Down Electric Scooter is compact and easy to maneuver. It is perfect for work, for school, for travel or simply for some scooter fun.

Charging a razor electric scooter usually takes about 8 to 12 hours and runs for 40 to 45 minutes.

Razor Ride On Electric Scooter

Razor Sit On Electric ScooterThe Razor Ride On Electric Scooter is not lightweight, so you need to make sure that you purchase the right scooter for your age and weight. Some of the Razor Ride On Scooters come with folding handlebars and some razor electric scooter seats are removable. This makes them easier to store and transport.

Razor electric scooter tires are either air filled tires or solid polyurethane tires. Get the pneumatic tires – they will give you a much more comfortable ride.

Razor Sit On Electric Scooter

Designed for the Commute – Suitable for Adventure

The Razor Sit On Electric Scooter is designed as a commuter scooter but with speeds of around 12-15mph and continuous battery usage of approximately 40 minutes the ride on Razor electric scooter offers the opportunity for a little bit of adventure and plenty of fun.

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