Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas Light Reviews

Solar Powered Christmas LightsAre you looking for the best cheap solar powered Christmas lights? Then check out the video below that shows you how to use your solar powered Christmas lights to really brighten up your outdoor decorations.

I really like outdoor solar powered Christmas lights. I am slowly but surely replacing all of my outside Christmas lights with solar lights. They are so much more convenient and safer too. I don’t have to run electrical cords all over the lawn and worry about overloading a breaker. It also means that I use a lot less electricity.

Solar Powered Rope Lights

I now use solar powered rope lights to wrap around posts and railings on our front porch and to wrap around tree trunks in the yard. They come in a lot of different colors and lengths so you should be able to find what you need to decorate your house and yard.

The ones that I have come with a timer that comes on at sundown and goes off at dawn – if fully charged. Oh, they also have a switch that allows you to select steady on or flashing mode.

Solar Rope Lights Video


Solar Powered String Lights

I also use solar powered string lights to wrap the limbs in some of our trees. Again, these come in a larger array of colors and lengths so you should find what you need. Most of these Christmas lights comes with a switch that lets you select a number of modes such as flashing, running, steady on and other choices.

I don’t enjoy stringing these light nearly as much as I do the rope lights but the strings seem to work better in the trees. There is no way that I can tell you how to do this but I do have a video below that does a good job.

Solar String Lights Video


Solar Powered Net Lights

I use solar net lights also on some of the bushes at the front of our house. I still have some that I have to plug into an outlet but I am slowly replacing them when I find solar lights at a good price.

If your lights are solar then this is so easy that I can do it without any instructions. Just spread out your lights, lay them over the bushes that you want covered, install your solar collector where it will get lots of sunlight, and select the mode for your lights. No power cords and you’re done!

I would really like to find Christmas solar lights that have a timer that would run for 5 or 6 hours then go off. No luck so far.

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