Best Extra Large Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Christmas Tree Storage Bag Review

best extra large christmas tree storage bagsDon’t tell me that you are going to try to stuff your very expensive, pre-lit, artificial Christmas tree back into the box that it came in!

You and I both know that it isn’t going to fit but with the help of a lot of duct tape you will make it work for at least for one more year. You tell yourself again.

Just this week, I was in our attic putting up Halloween decorations and bringing down Christmas decorations. Over in a corner was a dusty box containing a Christmas tree that we no longer use. The duct tape was starting to come loose but was still holding. I had even made a handle out of duct tape to make it easier to carry. What a sad little package.

Now when I purchase a Christmas tree, I also purchase an extra large Christmas tree storage bag. Christmas tree storage bags are so inexpensive that it just makes sense to get one that fits your tree and throw out the box that your tree came in.

TreeKeeper Storage Bags

Don’t just throw your tree back in the attic, closet or garage only to find it next year with little critters living in it. Whether you choose poly/vinyl, nylon, plastic, or canvas, they all will help preserve your tree for years to come.

With TreeKeeper artificial tree storage bags, you will no longer have that problem. These bags are made from a long-lasting polyester/ nylon blend. They have upright storage bags where you just put the tree stand into the bag, then pull the bag up over the tree and compress.

They also have duffel storage bags in all different sizes; some with rollers, some without. These TreeKeeper bags are not cheap but will do an excellent job of protecting your tree and should last for a long time. This is my choice for my Christmas trees.



Canvas and Vinyl Storage Bags

A cheaper solution to artificial tree storage are canvas bags or polyvinyl bags. The extra deep artificial Christmas tree storage bags or the large canvas Christmas tree storage bags are an excellent choice.

Each bag requires the trees to be taken apart, but both will hold up to an eight to nine-foot tree. These bags are smaller and more compact than the Tree Keeper bags. Either bag is a good choice to protect your tree.

Clear Poly Vinyl Storage Bags

One more solution is the clear polyvinyl Christmas tree storage bag. This is by far, the cheapest solution, but will still protect your tree from the elements. You can do many things with these clear polyvinyl bags.

You can put the tree fully decorated into the bag or remove the ornaments and then put your tree in. These bags are even good for hauling off live Christmas trees. Live trees get needles all over when being moved, so putting it in the polyvinyl bag saves you from having to clean up the mess.

Protecting your investment is a must. After all, artificial Christmas trees are not cheap, so get an extra large Christmas tree storage bag and store it away the right way this Christmas season.

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