Christmas Mantle Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas For A Fireplace Mantel

The following Christmas mantle decorating ideas will help you decorate your Christmas mantle. One of the most commonly decorated areas of a home for Christmas is the mantle. This is not only where you hang your stockings, but it is the perfect place to display Christmas holiday mantel decorations.

And don’t forget to add battery operated indoor Christmas garland to each of these ideas to really make your mantle stand out.

Christmas Picture Frame Decorating Ideas

If you have pictures on your mantel, and many people do, you don’t have to take them down just because it’s Christmas. Instead, keep the pictures up, but switch out the picture frames. Even if you already have great looking frames, now is a good time to put away the white frames and bring out some Christmas framed pictures.

This really adds a fun look to your mantel since the rest of your Christmas decor is probably white, silver, and pastel colors. It adds some nature to your mantel without getting too far away from the look that you want. For a bit of fun, you can even switch out the pictures and replace them with pictures of angels, snowmen, Santa and Mrs. Clause, as if they were friends and family members.

Simple Christmas Village Display Ideas

Many people create a Christmas village and put it on a table, but why not put it right on your mantel? It keeps it high enough to be away from kids or cats who are a little too curious, as well as being in a room where your family probably spends a lot of time during the holidays. Not only that, it is a convenient place to spread around twinkle lights and plug them in, allowing you to easily light up your illuminated Christmas village scene.

Vintage Mantel Decorating Ideas

For more traditional Christmas fireplace mantel ideas, you might want to use various decorative accessories and figurines. Try to find items such as rare vintage Christmas ornaments or at least ones that have that old-fashioned look to them.

Some items that work perfectly include an old pair of white ice skates, vintage milk jugs and bottles, large mercury glass ornaments or Santa Clause figurines that have the old suit as opposed to the bright red suit and hat of the more modern styles.

Add Decorative Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Bottle brush Christmas trees are really popular during Christmas since they are inexpensive and always add a fun element.

✅ However, instead of the bold green ones, you can either get them in white and other pastel colors, or spray paint them yourself. Spread the bottle brush trees around your mantle in between other decorative items.

Easy Mantel Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Is there any excuse for those who have been blessed with a home and fireplace this season to not take advantage of that situation? The kneejerk response would be ‘of course not!’ But aside from the inevitable ‘Elf on the Shelf’ who actually goes that extra mile to ensure that their mantel shines?

Firstly, those in charge of the mantel decorations need to take into account the fact that store-bought items do not mean that your mantel will not shine. Always remember that those items are the result of a long line of decisions by many people who take into account what homeowners like. That famous ‘Elf on the Shelf’ makes his (or her) appearance because homeowners and their festive season visitors take comfort in their appearance. That is not wrong. That is simply fact. It is the season where happiness is found in icons.

So what can we do to make that Christmas mantel shine, given that it should bring joy to both young and old? here are a few ideas.

Display Christmas Cards On Mantel

Let us take a look at one option – the old favorite, Christmas cards. Now Christmas cards are almost a knee jerk reaction to the season. Of course, we love Christmas cards and they have their place on the mantel.

But is there a way to make those cards which we receive from those who love us into a decorating highlight? The answer is yes.

Display Christmas Cards On Mantel

Rather than simply display them – make them the centerpiece of your mantel. Measure your mantel. Then purchase Christmas garland with battery operated lights that is a little longer than your mantel – you want the garland to hang down on each end of the mantel.

vintage style Christmas cards

Now place Christmas cards that you have or purchase vintage style Christmas cards. Arrange these cards in and around the lighted garland for a spectacular Christmas mantel display.

Christmas Wreath Over Mantel

Christmas Wreath Over Mantel

Christmas wreaths are traditional – but how does the household ensure that they shine when placed on the mantel? How about opting for something different – but that still brings greenery into the house.

artificial christmas greenery garland

Artificial Christmas greenery garland is becoming very popular. Draped across a mantle they not only look great – but also lend themselves to various other decorating ideas such as intertwined Christmas lights.

Christmas Lights On Mantel

Christmas Lights On Mantel

The idea of lighting is an important one. Any mantel will be brought to glowing life with the addition of lights. The best news is that these sorts of ‘string’ lights are extremely cost effective – and the effect is incredible.

Christmas Stockings For Mantel

Lastly, there are the vital Christmas stockings. These are as important as the tree. Take some time to ensure that each and every member of the family has a stocking that is as individual as their own personality.

Christmas Stockings For Mantel

If you have a fireplace and a mantel then you know where the Christmas stockings will go. You could just hammer a tack into your mantel and hang the stockings like that. However, this could damage your mantel.

A better solution is Santa Christmas stocking holders. These will really dress up your fireplace mantel.

If money is tight, take a look around you or step outside to find inspiration that will make your Christmas mantel shine. A simple fallen branch decorated with store-bought canned snow and a few Christmas ornaments will immediately bring that Christmas spirit into the home. Fallen branches are free.


The festive season is one that should be filled with joy. A carefully planned Christmas mantel that goes beyond store-bought decorations brings joy to an entire household. Go that extra mile and who knows? Santa may have something a little special in your mantel stocking.

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