Christmas Tree Bead Garland

Christmas Tree Garland Ideas

Christmas Tree Bead Garland

There are a lot of different colors and styles of Christmas tree bead garland. From the basic red colored beads to shiny acrylic to gold and silver colors along with white, pearl and everything in between. These beads are made from wood, acrylic, crystal and a lot of other materials I am sure.

The length of your bead garland will depend on the height of your tree and how tight or loose you string the strands of beads.

I like to start with a strand of bright, red beads that are 15 feet or so long. Starting at the bottom branches of the tree, I go around the tree and string the garland in a spiral design until I reach the top of the Christmas tree. Then I string a gold, silver or pearl strand in the opposite direction around the tree. This is for a 7 and a half foot tree, which is our main tree.

We have other Christmas trees that we also hang bead garland on. The themes and colors invariably change every year so just use your imagination to match or contrast with the Christmas theme or color scheme that you have chosen.

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