Easy Christmas Door Decorating Tips

Although Christmas is only one day a year, it seems that all year long people are making preparations. Some start their gift buying months in advance. Others are preparing menus, while some are coming up with easy Christmas door decorating ideas. All of these make for wonderful celebrations.

Easy Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

If decorations are on your mind, then you may be thinking of all of the different areas that may need to be spruced up.  It is always nice to have some fresh designs, especially for Christmas door decorating ideas.

Doors can be overlooked as a decorating canvas, but they are everywhere inside and out, so they need to be utilized to set a great holiday mood.

Christmas Berry Wreath

Christmas decorating ideas for a door do not need to be elaborate or difficult.

When guests first arrive at your home a welcoming front door, or back door depending on your guests, is a great way to start a visit.  A very inexpensive yet striking door decoration is to wrap the entire door in wrapping paper and then decorate with a large bow.  A name tag of the homeowners can even be added for an extra touch.

This gift wrap technique can be used on any door inside or outside of the house, as well as cabinet doors or other areas of the house where a little decorative item would add a special touch. 

Front Door With Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath

If you are looking for a more simply stated decor, then possibly a Christmas wreath would be more your style.  There are pre-made wreaths available for purchase. Or for a little bit of money and time, you can design and make your own Christmas wreath.

Craft and hobby stores sell all types of wreath forms and bases.  Once you decide on the type of decor you want on a wreath, you simply purchase those types of items that will work together with the wreath base. 

A matching bow may be a nice addition, but not always necessary.  A craft store will often make a bow for you for a small charge. 

At home the items can be attached to the wreath base with a hot glue gun, thread, or thin wire depending on the item.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas Video


Decorate Your Front Door For Christmas

Jingle bells make for great simple front door Christmas decorations.  They are attractive, but also could alert you to anyone coming in or out of the door.  They can be added to a wreath, or simply hang in a larger grouping with a ribbon or other decoration at the top.

Some people enjoy decorating more for the winter season, than specifically for the holiday.  Snowflake decorations, snowmen, and winter colors can be used to decorate inside and outside doors.  This will allow you to leave up the decorations through January or February if you choose.  There may be some versatile decorations like a snowman that may have changeable scarves or hats, or other items that can be used to change from one color to another.

Decorating your front door for Christmas can be such a great way to set a mood for an event or holiday.  Utilize the doors in your home to set that tone.  It is a wonderful way to welcome a guest, or make them feel at home once they are inside the house. Use these Christmas door decorating themes to make your home stand out this Christmas season.






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