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Great Outside Christmas Decorating Ideas

One of the best places to begin searching for outside Christmas decorating ideas is by looking at your front door. You can purchase traditional wreaths or use a modern design made with ribbons, pine cones, or even a steampunk design. It can have fruits and berries or bright eclectic colors.

The holidays are a time of year for celebrating and decorating your home in style. There are so many wonderful ideas you can use to create cheer and excitement for you and all of your neighbors to enjoy. Using decorations is a way to communicate your own beliefs and get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Here are some great outside Christmas decorating ideas to get you started:

Once you have stepped out the door, look around your front porch. If you already have decorative plants there, consider lighting them up with traditional outdoor lights or select from designer lights that represent your favorite colors or themes. You can also add lights around your woodwork or doorway entrance. Bright candy canes could look great here.

Looking at the rest of your porch and your yard, there are so many things you can do. For instance, you can put up a snowman decoration. If you live in a warmer climate, you might consider creating a melted snowman. Mix some gel and glitter into water and let set. Place the “melted” snowman on the ground and place a holiday scarf, decorative carrot, two pieces of coal and a top hat on him. Your neighbors are sure to get a laugh.

You can also put lights on some or all of your outdoor trees. Add to the decor with large outdoor ornaments and use some tinsel wraps to make every tree in your yard look like a Christmas tree.

Other outside Christmas decorating ideas can incorporate your wheelbarrow or other unused gardening supplies to spread holiday cheer. You might have a plastic elf in the wheelbarrow while another one appears to take it somewhere. Alternatively, the wagon or wheelbarrow could contain packages made to look like Christmas presents. Don’t forget to tie some ribbons around the elf to show how hard Santa’s helper has been working!



Don’t leave your mailbox out of the holiday celebration!

Use thick bright ribbon to wrap around the base. Then, you can put a big bow on top of the box. Since getting lights that far from your home may be tricky, consider using glow sticks in holiday colors to light up your mailbox and pathways. Put them in outdoor containers with glitter painted on the outside.

These outside Christmas decorating ideas are just some of the fabulous ways that you can give your home a warm and festive feel. You will enjoy looking at the decorations every day throughout the holiday season.

Also, you will inspire your friends, family and neighbors to get into the Christmas spirit as well. Nobody can deny how cheerful decorations help to get everybody in the mood to celebrate Christmas.





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