6 Christmas Garage Decorating Ideas

Your light up your home for Christmas, and you don’t feel like taking off the decorations until the New Year. But do you know which part of the house doesn’t get as much attention as the other rooms? It’s the garage. You often forget to bring festive items to decorate it. However, you might be surprised that an otherwise ordinary garage could turn into the holiday’s most lively and elegant place with these Christmas garage decorating ideas.

decorating ideas for garage

To be fair, you should consider your garage as one of the most important parts of your house. It keeps your precious car safe, after all. Therefore, you should rethink your ways of decorating the house this year and make the garage a part of the decorations.

Wondering how to decorate your garage for Christmas? Below are some great decorating ideas for your garage. This guide offers a few that can give a complete makeover to your garage come Christmas.

  1. Christmas Decorations For A Garage Door

Decorative garage door magnets and vinyl stickers are two quick and easy ways to decorate your garage to bring out the holiday spirit. Sometimes, parents allow their kids to decorate their garages with stickers and magnets because they don’t require a lot of hard work like the indoor decor of your house. But, of course, the type of magnet or vinyl sticker you choose depends on the garage door’s material.

Christmas Garage Decorating Ideas

An easy way to find out whether magnets will stick on your garage door or not is by testing it with a fridge magnet first. You can later buy some of the Merry Christmas magnets for garage doors from local stores or online.

Magnets should be your go-to item first because you can remove them later without leaving any spots behind. If magnets won’t stick, you can apply vinyl stickers. However, some stickers may leave adhesive remains on the door or wall.

Why magnets and stickers?

Both are weather-resistant.

Can easily withstand most weather conditions.

Are durable, meaning you can use them next year.

Most importantly, you have lots of designs, styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

It becomes easier to pick the most beautiful ones from various designs and make your garage look stunning.

Additional tip: Don’t place the stickers or magnets along the door’s seams. You might bend or break the decorations if you want to open the door.

  1. Install a Christmas Garage Projector

Setting up a projector and projecting Christmas garage decorating ideas isn’t something new. However, it’s a hassle-free way of decorating the garage without buying wreaths, lights, garlands, and other festive decor items.

Install a Christmas Garage Projector

It’s also an ideal option for those who don’t want to make changes to their homes any time of the year. For example, if you newly repaint the house, you may not want to leave double-sided tape marks on the walls. In that case, setting up a projector with Christmas decoration projections can help save money and effort required to decorate the house and garage.

The only drawback of this system is you can’t see the decorations in the daylight. It only lights up at night. Most houses in your neighborhood will have wreaths and garlands decorated for a week or so that you can see both in the morning and at night. People will see your decoration only in the evening.

Why Set Up A Projector?

A Christmas projector outdoor lights allows you to project both fixed and moving decorations. For example, you can buy a projector with various animated Christmas scenes that can automatically play every half an hour.

Additional tip: Always buy a weatherproof Christmas light projector. This should keep the projector safe when you keep it outside, in case it rains or snows.

  1. Garage Christmas Light Ideas

Christmas lights for outside are the essence of holiday decorations. You may buy tons of varieties of lights for different rooms in your house but don’t forget to buy a few additional ones for your garage as well.

Garage Christmas Light Ideas

Your Christmas garage decorating ideas should start with incorporating lights at different spots on your garage. Don’t just hang a few lights in front of the garage door.

In fact, decorators suggest that you don’t set up lights in front of the garage door or on its top. This prevents you from damaging the lights if you want to open the garage door.

Additionally, don’t use staples or nails to fasten the lights to the door’s frame. Metal fasteners may damage the wire’s insulation, thus turning the lights into a fire hazard. Instead, you can use hooks or clips to hold the lights in their places. Use gutter clips to hang Christmas lights or if you are hanging the lights from the roof, then roof clips for Christmas lights are excellent options to hang the lights.

Why Hang Christmas lights?

Holiday lights make homes look beautiful.

In addition, they bring out the festive spirit during the Christmas season.

Additional tip: Keep cord ends away from the ground or where children can touch them. Plug the lights properly and set up a switch at a safe height.

  1. Christmas Wreaths and Garland

Like holiday lights, wreaths and garland can add a lot of color to your garage. They are probably the first things that you buy for indoor decorations. Buy some more for your garage.

outdoor christmas wreath pre lit

The best thing about setting up wreaths and garland is you can choose from a range of sizes. You can hang a extra large pre lit Christmas wreath on the garage door and decorate with garland along the sides of the walls.

Many wreaths and garland have red bows, Santas, and reindeer decorations that you can add for a more festive touch. The more decorative items you pick up, the more beautiful your garage will look. Always purchase pre lit Christmas wreath and pre lit outdoor Christmas garland with a timer to make your life easier. That can make the garage the perfect complement to your house.

Why Decorate With Wreaths and Garland?

Christmas decorations look incomplete if you don’t use wreaths and garland.

Like trick and treat is an integral part of Halloween, wreaths and garland are inseparable parts of Christmas.

Additional tip: It’s best to play around with different sizes of wreaths. You can hang an outdoor Christmas wreath pre lit on the door and small pre lit christmas wreaths on the sides.

  1. Paint A Christmas Mural

Decorating your garage for Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to deal with decorative items. You could also paint a mural on your garage door and outside walls. This is probably the toughest idea among the lot, but you get to show off your artistic skills with this one.

 Christmas Garage Murals

Save a few Christmas home decor pictures on your phone. Take lots of chart papers and sketch similar photos on them. Color them accordingly. Next, stick those chart papers on the walls and garage door.

This is ideal if you don’t want to put paint on the door and walls. Alternatively, you can paint or spray paint on the walls and doors instead of drawing on paper sheets.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend time painting murals, you can buy a ready made Christmas garage door banner or even better, purchase a Christmas mural for walls. They are available in various designs and sizes and can follow your garage door’s movement.

Another solution is to purchase Christmas door stickers and Christmas wall stickers to create your own mural. This is probably the way that I would create a mural. You can just stick them where ever you want and then move them around until you get the look that you like. Cheap and easy!

Why Christmas Garage Murals?

Murals don’t cost as much as other decor items.

Moreover, you get a chance to show your artistic side.

Additional tip: Stick to a winter theme instead of drawing a big Santa on the door. Otherwise, you may need to paint the door once the festive season is over.

  1. Frame the door

This is the easiest Christmas decor idea. Don’t use stickers, bows, or magnets if you have a gorgeous garage door. Instead, decorate around the edges and make the door look like a frame. You can use garland, wreaths, and lights to make the decoration look interesting.

Why frame the door: It looks great and is simple to do.

Additional tip: Buy weather-resistant decor items so that they wouldn’t look bad if it rains or snows during Christmas.

So follow these ideas on how to decorate your garage for Christmas. It may take a few days to get all of the decorations arranged. But the wait will be worth it. Try these garage decorating ideas for your garage this year, and see which one suits your house the most.

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