Decorating Your Yard With Christmas Outdoor Inflatables

Best Outdoor Christmas Inflatables

Christmas outdoor inflatables are a perfect way to decorate your yard. With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your decorations.

Inflatable Christmas Presents Lighted Outdoor Archway

Wouldn’t this inflatable Christmas arch look great as the grand entrance to your home?

Outdoor inflatables for Christmas come in dozens of different characters, shapes, designs and sizes. You can go with a more traditional Christmas decor, such as the inflatable Christmas Carolers, which is an inflatable man and woman singing, or you could choose something like an inflatable Christmas angel.

You could also go with a very basic outdoor inflatables design such as a grouping of inflatable Christmas presents that you could place under a large outdoor tree or on your porch.

Christmas Inflatables For The Yard Video


Some other Christmas inflatables that you may want to choose are famous characters, such as a large inflatable Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse blow up Christmas decoration, or Snoopy, or Scooby Doo perhaps. You could go with a character like Mater from the Cars movies. Basically, however you imagine your yard, you can make it happen by choosing your style of inflatables.

Of course there are always the ever-famous decorations of going with Santa and his reindeer, inflatable trees, as well as snowmen.  One of the outside Christmas decorating ideas that is very popular, yet may cost a bit more, is the snow globe.  Outdoor inflatable Christmas snow globes have a light inside them, and when turned on, a flurry of snow blows through the globe as if it were a real giant snow globe that had just been shaken.  The snow globe inflatables are typically 6’ to 8’ in size.

How To Set Up Christmas Inflatables

Setting up your outdoor inflatable is quite easy.  Once you get your inflatable just remove it from its packaging and most of them will have some metal clips that you would attach to the plastic legs from the bottom of the fabric.  As you set it in its upright position, just make sure the zipper is closed and the fabric is away from the blower, or fan.  Then you simply plug it into a power strip that is safe to use outdoors and watch it inflate.  The last step is to tether it to the ground so it doesn’t blow away.

Christmas Inflatables Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Christmas outdoor inflatables:

  • Most outdoor inflatables come with their own fan and motor so you won’t need to supply that separately.
  • Most inflatables will fully inflate within a matter of a few minutes.
  • If you unplug the inflatable, it will deflate.
  • You should not keep your inflatable going for more than a period of 8 hours at a time.
  • Some inflatables have lights that stay bright all the time, while others are designed to fade on and off.
  • Cleaning your inflatable is easily done by using a damp cloth, and if necessary using a mild detergent.  Allow to fully dry before storing.
  • Using your inflatable does not drain the energy on your house; it typically uses less energy than a string of lights on your tree.
  • If your inflatable gets a rip or tear in it, it can easily be fixed by using some clear plastic tape, or the good-for-everything duct tape, or it can even be hand-sewn using standard sewing thread.
  • When storing your inflatable, be sure to keep it in a storage container that will remain in a cool dry place.

With all of the options available to you for your outdoor Christmas blow ups, now is the time to start planning your decorations for the upcoming holiday season.







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