Large Lighted Outdoor Nativity Sets

Outdoor Nativity Sets really add a lot to your outside Christmas decorations. Outdoor lighted nativity scenes affirm your faith and help to remind all who see them of the reason for the season.

Outdoor Nativity Scenes

Christmas nativity scenes all feature three main figures: Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. The larger nativity yard decorations often include three wise men, animals and a primitive dwelling representing a manger.

Sometimes atop the manger, you’ll find a star the wise men followed. While a lot of nativity sets also include angels.

They come in various sizes-small, medium, large or miniature. You can find outdoor lighted nativity scenes pared down to basic simplicity such as just the three main figures or you can find large ones with minute detail as featured in many upscale shopping centers.

Child Nativity Set

There are also children’s nativity sets created just for small hands and are made of durable materials so that a child can handle them safely.

Some lighted outdoor nativity scenes are very large so make sure that you get one that fits well in your yard and looks good with your house and lawn. Most are easy to assemble and break down for easy storage once Christmas is over.

Watch Outdoor Nativity Set Video

Types Of Nativity Sets Include The Following:

Lighted Nativity Sets

Nativity Angels

Three Wise Men

Shepherd with Sheep

Holy Family

Nativity Stable Animals

JOY Nativity Display

Nativity Set For Yard

Inflatable Nativity Scene

Outdoor lighted nativity sets can be as basic as silhouettes or very ornate in full color with lights.

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