9 Foot Prelit Christmas Tree

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet, now is the time to make that purchase before all of the good ones are gone and only the Charlie Brown Christmas trees are left. To have a tree and keep it looking great for the season and for many years to come, you will probably want to take a look at the artificial ones.

9 foot prelit christmas treeOne of the most stunning trees you’ll see this year (and one of the most popular) is the 9 foot prelit Christmas tree. If you have a very large room and high ceilings then this is the Christmas tree for you.

With that kind of height, you want the lights already set in place so that the only job you do is to plug it in and add Christmas ornaments. If you don’t like a lot of lights on your tree, you can certainly shop for the 9 footers that don’t offer as many lights.

But for those of you that think lights are just magical at Christmas, you can find some models in this size that have a gorgeous array of almost 1,500 lights. Can you imagine how long it would take you to get those lights perfectly wrapped around the tree?

The lights make a stunning display on a tree of this size. Whether it’s fir, spruce or pine, this tree will be a centerpiece that commands attention and will have guests asking where you got it.

Most of these taller models have branches with a hinge design, which means you don’t have the hassle of having to figure out which branch goes in which slot – because it’s already done for you. All you have to do is set the tree up into the stand.

Then you can put up your beautiful ornaments and treasured Christmas keepsakes. Plus, if you want to wrap the tree in ribbon, you’ll have plenty of space to do that, too.

The needles on the taller models are formed in a way so that they won’t be squished when they arrive on your doorstep. They’ll look straight and will be ready to be decorated.

A thick metal base comes with the tree and that offers plenty of sturdy support to the tree so that it won’t be top heavy regardless of the amount of decorations and it won’t lean over to one side.

9 Foot Prelit Christmas Tree
Snowy Dunhill Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree

The branches of the 9 foot tree can be in either a downswept style, which some people prefer – or the tapered, slightly titled up branches. Either selection will give you plenty of space for decorating.

Brilliant colors, from green to blue-green to flocked white will give you a nice selection to choose from. These trees look freshly cut and some models also come with pine cones. If you’re looking for a full, professional sized tree, the 9 foot pre lit Christmas tree will fill your need.

✅ A Christmas tree this size, while very beautiful, does come with some problems.
  1. Set up – You will need some help getting the tree set up in it’s spot and the branches fluffed. This is definitely going to take you some time, so put on the coffee pot and lock the doors so that your help can’t escape. From experience, don’t bring out the beer or hard stuff until the job is completed.
  2. Decorating – You will need at least a 6 foot step ladder. I always carry an 8 foot ladder to my sister-in-law’s house when she is ready to set up and decorate her tree.
  3. Storage – Where are you going to put the tree once Christmas is over. Most of them come apart into 3 or 4 sections. You can try to get these back into their original boxes but that usually doesn’t work – even with duct tape. Sturdy Christmas storage bags or storage boxes are your best bet.
However, don’t let these few problems dampen your spirits. Just take your time. Get those limbs fluffed. Add your beautiful ornaments, garland, ribbon and some tinsel. Don’t forget the tree topper. You will now have a most beautiful Christmas tree that everyone will be “ohhing” and “ahhing” over.


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Prelit Christmas Tree

Pre Lit Christmas Tree

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Four Great Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas



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