Four Great Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Four Great Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Decorating the family Christmas tree is one of the most exciting and sentimental activities a family can do together. We’ve all seen the traditional tree, all decked out in pretty red bulbs and tiny flashing lights, but what if you want new Christmas tree decorating ideas this year?

Well, there are a ton of beautiful and unique ideas for decorating your Christmas tree out there to choose from. Below are a few ideas to help you get your imagination and creativity in gear for the Christmas season.

Theme Based Christmas Trees

You can use a favorite hobby or passion to create a themed Christmas tree. If you want to keep it all about the original reason for the season, you could create a tree with all angels, stars, mangers, crosses and halos.

If your favorite hobby is fishing, you could add hooks, lures, colorful bobbers, festively painted sinkers and so on.

Decorating with a patriotic theme is a great way to pay tribute to any military personnel you know. Decorate using military insignias for specific branches of the military, flags and photos of soldiers.

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

If your heart’s desire has always been to have a traditional tree, you will never run short of Christmas tree decorating ideas. You could paint pine cones with gold or silver paint to create a glowing, shiny effect for your tree. With your star on top and dozens of glass ornaments hanging from your tree, it is sure to bring back memories from your childhood.

If you use gold ribbon in a wide width, you could make bows for your tree or simply wrap the ribbon around the tree like garland for an awesome nostalgic effect.

Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

You can decorate your tree with anything that your imagination can come up with. Again, look to your own interests or charities for ideas. If you love the outdoors, for example, you could decorate with pine cones you pick up or paint leaves from the fall and thread them with ribbon to make a unique ornament.

Another great tree decorating idea is to get candy canes in whatever color scheme you like and decorate your tree with them.

Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

Handmade decorations with a personal flare are definitely in order for this type of decorating. Write meaningful quotes or poems on parchment paper and seal them in clear glass ornaments for hanging on the tree.

Gather small prints of family members or group photos and create small framed ornaments. Using baby pictures and progressing through the years with your photos (especially old Christmas photos), would make a really fantastic personalized Christmas tree.

Start with a few ideas from the list above, or use them as a springboard to come up with your own Christmas decorating ideas. Christmas is about family and giving, so designing your Christmas tree to reflect what that means for you personally is very satisfying. With all of the Christmas tree decorating ideas available, you should have no problem creating the tree of your dreams.

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