Finding And Decorating A Lime Green Christmas Tree

Decorating A Lime Green Christmas Tree
lime green Christmas tree

I had never seen, heard of or even thought about a lime green Christmas tree until my wife and I spent a long Fall weekend in Hiwassee, Georgia a few years back. I think that it was in late October, in any case, all of the stores and shops in the area were full of Christmas decorations.

My wife came upstairs and said “we just have to have that lime green tree.” So that is how we got our lime green Christmas tree.

Our lime green tree is what they call a “slim” tree which means that it isn’t as large in circumference as a normal tree. I like this because it fits in areas where a larger tree wouldn’t. And if your wife is like mine, you probably have more than one tree.

Our tree is seven feet tall which gives us room on top for a tree topper and still not touch the ceiling.

Picture me now with a dunce hat on!

Would you ever buy a tree that was not pre-lit?

Well I figured that we could save some money and get the one that wasn’t pre-lit. I mean, how hard could it be to string a few strands of lights around a “slim” Christmas tree? Well I don’t know about you, but I found out rather quickly that I don’t enjoy stringing lights on a Christmas tree.

The first year it wasn’t too bad. The newness and novelty of the tree were probably contributing factors for this. Every year since has been a real pain; so much so that my wife usually decorates our tree.

So don’t make my mistake. What ever you do, always buy a pre-lit slim Christmas tree unless you don’t ever plan on stinging lights on it.

Most ornaments look good on a lime green Christmas tree.

I like simple decorations on our tree. I prefer just large ball Christmas tree ornaments in pastel colors such as pink, white, purple, silver, red and blue. I really like just the pink, white and blue ornaments but we do add some of the other colors also. I also like silver Christmas tree icicles and silver garland.

My wife likes to add gold and silver ribbons that wrap around the tree. She also likes those things that you stick into the branches of the tree – don’t know what they are called. So we have them on or in the tree also.

You really can’t go wrong when decorating one of these Christmas trees. Heirloom Christmas tree ornaments look good and I find that different sizes of ornaments make the tree look better than having ornaments of just one size. Some people seem to like turquoise Christmas ornaments on their lime green Christmas tree though it is not my favorite color.

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