Unique Decorations For Lime Green Christmas Trees

lime green Christmas trees

Lime green Christmas trees may be all that you need to create that perfect Christmas environment. A lime green tree already looks so great by itself, but a few of these low-budget decorating ideas below will help your tree look even better.

Tip 1: Images from Christmas cards. This is an old tradition that a lot of people use to decorate their lime green Christmas trees.

This is a great idea for people already on a budget, which most people are after spending their hard earned dollar on Christmas gifts. Most people use images cut from last years Christmas cards. Take the picture, cut it from the card, add some glitter or a ribbon to make it stand out. If you already have a design theme flowing with your Christmas tree, then you can make a fun game out of finding images that fit with the current theme. The best part is that it won’t cost any money if you already have the Christmas cards and the supplies!

Tip 2: Colored ornaments. If you are decorating a lime green Christmas tree, then you already have a background that will make all of your decorations stand out.

It’s hard to find a tree that doesn’t have a few glass or plastic ornaments of various colors. The lime green color will make ornaments that you used last year look completely different. Blues, pinks and reds will look great on your lime green tree. Another budget idea is to improve the look of your tree with some glitter or ribbons. It seems that ribbons make everything look better on Christmas. A little glue can turn an inexpensive decoration into a festival masterpiece.

Tip 3: Cookies. Surprisingly, not many people decorate their trees with cookies as in years past.

It seems to have become the tradition to leave the cookies for Santa, but none for the tree. Once you add a few homemade cookies with some icing to your tree, you’ll wonder how you ever decorated without them. Leave a little hole near the tip of your cookies. The hole is used to attach fishing line or a ribbon that is used to hang the cookie from the tree. White icing on really stands out against lime green Christmas trees.

Tip 4: Tinsel. You can add tinsel to anything and make it look better.

Tinsel is so important that it gets its own tip. As a matter of fact, you can just throw tinsel all over your Christmas tree and everything hanging on the tree will instantly be improved. Tinsel is very inexpensive and really gives your tree that “Christmasy” look. Tinsel comes in all kinds of colors and forms so choose a color or colors that really sets off your lime green Christmas tree.

Tip 5: Origami. Christmas and origami don’t seem to be related, but by using this paper-folding technique, you can create some really beautiful, low-budget, and unique ornaments for your Christmas tree.

If you don’t know anything about origami, you can just turn to the internet or check out a book from your local library. The paper is perfect for creating swans, snowflakes, gingerbread men, and other unique little pieces. Once again, they will stand out nicely against a lime green tree.

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