Best Pre Lit Slim Christmas Trees

Skinny Christmas Trees With Lights

Best Pre Lit Slim Christmas Trees

The best pre lit slim Christmas trees fit into places that a normal size tree wouldn’t and they take a lot less time to decorate and to undecorate when Christmas is over.

One size fits all Christmas trees don’t work for everyone. You may not have the space in your home for a wide base tree and you may not want to move heavy furniture around in order to make room for a bigger tree.

Whatever the reason, you can still enjoy a beautiful, full tree with a pencil Christmas trees with lights. These are trees that are made specifically with space constraints in mind and while they do offer the same fullness as a wide tree, they do so with a more narrow build to the branches.

Slim Christmas Tree Pre Lit

You get a longer triangle shape that still gives you plenty of space for your ornaments. A slim artificial Christmas tree can come decorated with lights only or with additional accessories suitable for the holidays.

slim green pre lit Christmas trees

You’ll see slim green pre lit Christmas trees with tapered tips that will give your home a warm, welcoming holiday feel. With over 1,000 branch tips on some of the trees, you’ll have plenty of people marveling over the look of your tree.

The tips of the tree can lie flat out or curve gently on the ends and these tips come in frosted or non frosted models, depending on whether you like the freshly fallen snow look on your tree. Either choice you make, your slim prelit Christmas tree will look very realistic.

There’s a choice in the amount of bulbs you can get with a slim artificial Christmas tree with led lights – and that ranges from 200 all the way to over 1000 lights. The lights are set up in such a way that a single bulb blowout won’t shut off the rest of the lights. Replacement bulbs and fuses are included – and you can use a dimmer with most of these trees.

Remote Control Christmas Tree With Lights

Extension cords come included with some of the models and the extension cord has a foot control so that you don’t have to bend over to plug or unplug the tree. But you can also get some slim artificial Christmas trees that have remote controls to control the lights, which makes that pretty convenient.

slim artificial Christmas trees

With hinged branches, the overall set up of a pencil prelit Christmas tree really is a matter of minutes and is hassle free. Buying a pre lit pencil slim Christmas tree doesn’t mean you have to give up on height since you can find a slim Christmas tree in the same height as you would the wider trees.

A free storage box or storage bag for the tree is also included in the package with some pencil Christmas trees. The slim trees look great as a main Christmas tree in your living room, but they’re also the perfect size if you want to decorate a guest room for family or friends visiting for the holidays.

Simple Slim Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Being excited about Christmas is undoubtedly a thing for the young or the young at heart. This year, however, it is a major celebration for all; young and old, big and small. Indeed, making it through the pandemic is worth celebrating.

Simple Slim Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

That said, if you are a first-time Christmas tree buyer or simply want some new decorating ideas this year, a slim prelit Christmas tree is a great option. They are taking the world by storm because they are easy to decorate and take up minimal space.

But how can you make your pencil prelit Christmas tree come to life this holiday season?

Here are the top 4 ideas for decorating a slim Christmas tree:

  1. Vintage Style Christmas Tree Garland

Garland is normally used to add warmth and texture to a tree. It plays a key role in creating an overall Christmas decorating theme. More so, they are used to fill in bare spots on your tree. All these aspects will come in handy when decorating your slim Christmas tree.

It is however more than meets the eye. What better way to celebrate Christmas and add some additional meaning to your Christmas tree this year.

vintage style christmas tree garland

Depending on your theme, you could use beads, cranberries, popcorn, ribbon, yarn, or even tinsel in place of or in addition to garland. The options are endless. Typically, when decorating a slim Christmas tree, the garland will go on first before the ornaments.

  1. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornaments come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Large Christmas tree ball ornaments (plastic, glass, or metal), heart shaped Christmas ornaments, keepsake ornaments, and novelty Christmas ornaments are just but a few. Ornaments play a huge role in the overall theme of your Christmas tree, just like garland.

When it comes to decorating ideas, pick one of the popular themes and buy complementary ornaments or simply use DIY ornaments. Today, the usage of Christmas ornaments has evolved. Ornaments are now used to represent the interests of each family member, other than just for decorating.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

That said, a family that loves to travel could choose to decorate using collectibles bought throughout their travels as visual representations of memories. Nevertheless, if this sounds like too much pressure, you could choose an iconic theme and buy ornaments to complete the look.

Slim Chrismas trees have a unique narrow profile that helps ornaments and tinsel stand out. Despite their slim appearance, they are strong enough to hold your ornaments. That said, even without DIY decor, you could still have a stunning narrow Christmas tree this year!

  1. Christmas Tinsel Decoration Ideas

Since time immemorial, tinsel has been strung on Christmas trees to represent glistening snow or ice. It is a shinny type of decorative material that mimics the effect of ice. Of all decorations, this one screams Christmas the most.

Christmas Tinsel Decoration Ideas

Old fashioned Christmas tree tinsel comes in all kinds of shapes and colors. Kids, old and young, have a really good time just throwing tinsel on the tree.

When Tinsel is used on Christmas trees, they eliminate the need for lights since it gives them their own unique gleam. Tinsel reflects the brightness of other light sources making the tree light up. This makes tinsel a must-have when looking for simple slim Christmas tree decorating ideas.

  1. Christmas Tree Topper

Last but not least, the cherry on top of the cake: tree toppers. They come in all forms from stars to bows to figurines and rosettes. Well, whatever form you choose, these small decorative pieces can turn even the plainest Christmas tree into a stunning one. They have a strong visual impact and are therefore considered statement pieces.

Christmas Tree Topper

If you’re going for a DIY or personalized look in general, you do not have to settle for Santa clauses or crosses and doves. Photo ornaments and other souvenirs could also be wonderful tree toppers to top the rest of your decor.

Creative Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

Now that you are familiar with the best slim Christmas tree decorating ideas, you may wonder which theme to pick. Don’t fret! Here are some unique Christmas decorating themes that will never go wrong!

• Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Theme

Feather boas, beaded snowflakes, shimmering tabletop trees, and richly decorated foliage can all be used to create a winter wonderland impression. These will make the tree look like it’s covered in snow and ice flakes. Try a snowflake tree topper to take the concept to the next level.

• Metallic Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Give your tree a metallic touch for old-world grandeur and a modern flair. You can never go wrong with these modern aesthetics, from metal string ornaments to antique gold decor. Metallic Christmas tree ornaments come in a variety of textures and patterns, and they blend well with almost every color scheme while also making your slim tree look great.

• Santa Christmas Tree Decor

There’s nothing wrong with being predictable and typical. If anything, Christmas deserves to be celebrated using iconic holiday figures in a festive color palette of red, green, and gold. Mix and match your vintage Santa Christmas tree ornaments to create a unique look for your home this season!

• Floral Theme

If you’re looking for something unique yet simple, cover your tree with gorgeous artificial flowers instead of traditional ornaments and garland. You could have your lovely slim Christmas tree adorned with floral Christmas tree picks, cranberry sticks, various clip on flower Christmas ornaments, and a few other Christmas decorations.

Bottom Line

Skinny Christmas trees with lights have a distinct silhouette that can give holiday decorations a more modern feel. The reality however, is that slim Christmas trees are harder to decorate. This is because the same decorations that work for other Christmas trees don’t always flatter the narrower shapes. Nonetheless, with these slim balsam fir Christmas tree decorating ideas, you can achieve your perfect look and keep the holiday spirit alive!

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