Spectacular Front Porch Ideas For Christmas

Our front porch is usually where we start our Christmas decorating so it’s only natural that we are always on the lookout for new front porch ideas for Christmas decorating. To be honest, we actually decorate the shrubs and crepe myrtle trees in front of the porch first but that doesn’t take very long since I just throw some white led Christmas net lights on the shrubs and wrap some battery operated Christmas rope lights around the crepe myrtles.

My wife does most of the porch decorating, I’m just there to assist. She normally wraps garland around the porch banisters and railings. We still have some garland that has to be plugged into an electrical outlet, but most of our garland is pre-lit and cordless. Pre-lit cordless Christmas garland makes it so much easier to decorate since you don’t have to worry about where your electrical outlets are located and you don’t have to run extension cords everywhere.

As I mentioned, our garland is a mishmash at this time. The garland that goes on the porch banisters and railings are plugged into a timer that is plugged into an outlet. Around the door and windows we use cordless garland with a timer – these are quite expensive so we buy when they are on sale.

adjustable front door garland hanger

I found something new this year and have it on order – maybe it’s not new but I had never seen it before. It’s an adjustable front door garland hanger that goes on your door so that you can hang your garland without driving nails into your door frame. It is tension mounted so it should be easy to install and take down. Lots of good reviews. Can’t wait until mine gets here!

We have two double windows on the porch, so those and the front door get battery operated Christmas wreaths with lights. I have had the wreath that goes on the front door for six or seven years now – maybe longer. I paid a lot for it at the time but has been well worth what I paid for it.

Cordless wreaths and garland

Cordless wreaths and garland make decorating the front porch a lot easier than it use to be. When Christmas is over, I just take the batteries out of the wreaths and garland and throw the batteries in the trash. That way the batteries won’t corrode and ruin my decorations. Plus next Christmas I start off with fresh batteries that should last through the season.

My wife usually changes the decorating scheme around each year. Some years the banisters and railings are decorated. Other years the garland goes at the top of the front porch and up the porch posts. We have even had a fully decorated Christmas tree on the porch a few times.

Something that we do every year is take a drive around town to check out the Christmas decorations and get some new Christmas decorating ideas for the front porch. We take a camera along to take pictures of those we really like so that we will have them as reference material for next Christmas.



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