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Hot Wheels Toys Hot Wheels has created some of the most popular toys for children for almost fifty years. The company has done a fantastic job of keeping up with what is new and trendy in the kid-o-sphere by creating toys based on popular movies, tv shows, and characters. Not only that, but they have also been great at innovating brand new racing tracks and gimmicks to keep the line from becoming stale.

Every year brand new car sets come out and each year children all over the country are begging parents like you for some of these Hot Wheels kits. There are entire race car tracks or simple sets of cars that can just be played with on the floor. This year there is something for everyone.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

This garage set is great for any child who has been considering starting a Hot Wheels collection or who currently has a lot of cars sitting around their room already. If you would like to find them a new way to play while also providing some extra storage space then this is a great set to get them.

It is a four level garage not including the ground floor. The parking area can fit up to 36 cars so if your son has cars constantly being stored on the floor then this is an encouraging way to get the cars to sit in a safe and confined space. There are five cars included with the garage in case you don’t already have a large collection in your household.

In addition to the cars, there is a neat helicopter. Your son or daughter will love being able to load up a car to the helicopter and flying it up to one of the top parking spots. Or maybe he would prefer to fly the car to the different ramp areas so that he can watch them zoom down before being parked again.

Besides the parking levels, the four ramps, the elevator lift, a gas station, and a tune up area; it also lights up and makes sounds. If someone wants to get super creative and build a massive Hot Wheels station this does connect to other sets available on the market.

Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System Starter Kit

This by far one of the most advanced Hot Wheels racing systems out there right now. In the past when kids wanted to race their cars they either did it by hand or with remote controls against friends and family who also had a car. Well this isn’t necessary anymore.

This race system is like a real life video game in your living room. Your kids will get two smart cars both of which have Artificial Intelligence technology. There are two controllers which means kids can play against each other but there is also an AI rival mode which allows the second car to race on its own.

Your child can control their own car and race along the 16 feet of track against a smart car that is able to make decisions around the track with the goal of winning. The track pieces can be configured in over forty different ways and it is a special track for the smart car abilities so cannot be combined with other track sets.

There are also different gameplay modes and options to really test driving skills. With the controller and the settings it possible to practice racing with random virtual hazards such as blowouts or oil spills. And every child will adore the fact that these cars can scale up to speeds of 180 mph.

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Tour Favorites

Monster Jam still travels around the country and whether your kids have seen a show in real life, on television, or if they just enjoy the idea of having a giant truck going around and crashing things then this is a great Hot Wheels set. These trucks are created on a 1:64 scale so there are quite realistic details.

Even the body and chassis of the trucks are die cast and have a very metal look to their base designs. Each Hot Wheels Monster Jam vehicle is different so there is going to be something for your son or daughter that they will absolutely love. Four trucks come to a set but there are a variety of designs in each pack.

There are three examples which cover a broad spectrum of what your child can expect. The first one is a truck that is in the shape of a red lobster on top with claws that come across the front as the windshield. No surprise here but the name along the side is “Crushstation” and it is ready to do some crushing.

Another is a purple truck called the “Mohawk Warrior” and it has a giant Mohawk on the roof of the truck so that it is instantly noticeable as it goes after the other vehicles.

If your kiddo loves animals the “Prowler” will be well loved as it is orange with black stripes and a tiger face covering the front hood. So surprise your kids with a different type of Hot Wheels that is made for some rugged and tough play.

Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Car

The Star Wars Rogue One movie release has brought Star Wars right back to the forefront of the minds of many children who are either brand new to the franchise or who have loved the franchise since they first heard the term Jedi.

While these are not based on Rogue One, this is a great car collection for anyone looking to expand their toy box. These Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars are all based on a specific character and there are 8 present in each pack. If your child already has action figures, the cars could be a great addition to some imaginative play.

Even though some of the cars are slightly hard to tell exactly which character morphed into them, others are instantly recognizable. Every child will see the R2-D2 car or the Darth Vader car and know right away that is who they are mimicking. Other characters include a Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Yoda, a clone trooper, Luke Skywalker, and a Tusken raider.

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