Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Toys

Power Wheels have never disappointed in creating vehicles that make children all over the neighborhood jealous of the driver. They are often easy to share and give your children a sense of real ownership and pride as they drive down the block in their brand new car.

The company has focused very well on current popular trends for both boys and girls so that these little motored cars have a market everywhere. From sporty to trendy; from girly to manly; there is a car out there for everyone.

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Ride On’s

The love of “Frozen” has not thawed yet since the movie’s popular release a few years ago. This means that there are definitely still girls out there looking for some Frozen goodies to add to their toy collection – or in this case their garage. Power Wheels has created an awesome array of Frozen ride on toys that screams Elsa, Anna, and all their friends.

One of the favorites is a Ford Mustang that comes in fancy colors with stylish chrome wheels. The cars are a frosty blue covered in white snowflakes and has the two sisters smiling together on the hood. The windshield has a purple strip running all the way along it and your kids can smile along with Olaf as he sits on the side of the window.

The steering wheel and side mirrors are both dark purple and the license plate lets everyone know that your daughter is rocking a Fisher Price Power Wheels. Because the weight limit is 130 pounds, two children can easily fit into the car for a ride around the block. Two forward speeds include 2.5 mph and 5 mph while reverse caps at a speed of 2.5 mph for safety.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad

Power Wheels Batman Lil Quad
Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad

Every year for a while now there has been a new Batman movie. Granted it isn’t always the same Batman but it doesn’t make kids dislike him anymore. If anything it just keeps him one of the superheroes in the forefront of every child’s mind. This little trike is a great option for younger children up to 3 or 4 years old

It is ATV style with three wheels and has a weight limit of 40 pounds. This does mean that only one child can ride at a time. In order to accommodate the younger crowd, operating the Batman vehicle is done with the simple push of a button on the blue handle bars.

The entire Lil’Quad is Batman themed with a blue body and a yellow hood with the recognizable Batman bat symbol. This yellow hood area actually opens up to a small storage area where your children can put in any extra toys or goodies that they would like to take with them as they zoom around the neighborhood.

On each side of the one main front headlight is a smiling decal of Batman encouraging your child to rush to the rescue. For safety purposes, the max speed of this Power Wheels is 2 miles per hour to reduce the risk of any injuries.

Power Wheels Pink Camo Dune Racer

Power Wheels Pink Camo Dune Racer
Power Wheels Pink Camo Dune Racer

Time for a Dune Racer for the girls instead of the traditional colored racers and Power Wheels has done it in all pink. This is great for any children out there who prefer the bright colors to the dark ones that are often found on some of the Camo vehicles. Available in hot pink, this car can help bring anyone’s imagination to life as they race across the rocky terrain after the enemy, on a mission, or simply on a road trip.

There are two purple high backed bucket seats with pink head rests that match the body of the car. With 130 pound weight limit this is perfect for two kids to ride around in and even possibly take turns driving the other around. Because it is a Dune Racer, it has been created with the intent to handle rougher terrain such as mud, grasses, and even little ruts.

By default the vehicle can go forward and in reverse at a maximum speed at 2.5 mph. Once you feel more comfortable with your children driving around, the parent lock can be removed and the car can go forward at a max speed of 5 mph.  Even with all the pink, the chrome wheels and grill help to add a little grit to your girl’s ride.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad

Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad
Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad

This Camo ATV style trike is wanted by both boys and girls. It is a smaller vehicle sitting at about 17 inches tall. This of course makes it aimed at toddlers probably around the range of 1 year to 3 years old.

Vehicles like this are a great way to start practicing spatial awareness and get used to hand eye coordination when it comes to controlling the car. There are no pedals in this car but instead is operated by a push button so that it is easy to drive. The button is present on the handlebar where the driver’s hands will be sitting.

On each side of the Power Wheels are plastic side footholds so that a toddler can comfortably straddle the car. With the button pushed your child can move at 2 miles per hour which is a good safe speed for younger children. There is a realistic speedometer right between the handlebars to give the feel of driving a real car and the entire Camo car has a greenish color with decorative fall leaf camo decals.

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